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Malabis - Beauty, Nature & Beyond


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Highly Scented Soy and Coconut wax candle
Hand poured. Our candles are all chemical free and safe to use around your home.
You can be rest assured of great quality products when you buy from us.
Fragrances Avaialble

CHANEL NO.5 - Luxurious scent with ylang, ylang, neroli and aldehydes blended with jasmine, exotic rose and powder. Finished perfectly with vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood.
SEAFOAM - Vibrant lime zest combined with (gazanias) and aromatic drift wood and finished with sea salt.
DESSERT - Indulge with this yummy milky cara-milk cheesecake scent
Black Tea & Lychee
Banana Sorbet
French Lavender
Guava & Lychee
Tropical Breeze
Coconut Pineapple and Sandalwood